There comes a time in every household when you’re ready to replace an old appliance, whether or not it still works. Some appliances from decades past were built like tanks, but are not up to our current efficiency and design standards. Others fail within a few years and you are quickly looking for a better designed replacement.

The good news is that your old appliance doesn’t have to take up a large cube of the local landfill. There are many different sustainable ways to recycle or upcycle an appliance when it is no longer useful in the household. Responsible disposal ensures that the valuable materials are re-used to reduce the need for mining and that any hazardous chemicals are safely dealt with. Not to mention saving several cubic feet of landfill space for every appliance you recycle.

Let’s take a closer look at your many options to get rid of an old appliance when the shiny new model is on its way.

Donate or Sell The Old Appliance


Does your old appliance still work? While it may not be ideal for your household. there is someone in the community who would appreciate your old appliance and put it to good use. For old appliances that are built like tanks and just won’t quit, you can give it a new home instead of throwing it out. Connect with charities and local community groups to find someone who needs that old washing machine or refrigerator that you don’t want anymore.

Some great examples include Habitat Restore and St. Vincent De Paul.

Selling old appliances online or through local classified ads can be an eco-friendly choice. Try Facebook marketplace and your local Freecycle group or the buy/sell/swap sections of Craigslist. Or just reach out to a local church and ask if their community could use the donation.


Recycling For Electrical Parts and Sheet Metal

Even an appliance that doesn’t work anymore is still made of valuable parts and materials. Every side of your appliance is a sheet of metal that could be recycled. The controls inside have electrical components and even rare earth metals that could be used for new electronics in the future. Fortunately, recycling centers throughout the Bloomington, Indiana, area accept appliances as long as they are reasonably clean and completely dry.

Recycling centers in the area include

Repurposing Your Old Appliance

 If you’re an upcycling enthusiast, you can always repurpose your appliances instead. The metal and plastic frame of your appliance is still useful, even when the original function is gone. You can turn them into art projects, storage, or garden planters. The more “retro” your appliance, the better.

You might turn an old dryer into a box planter or a refrigerator into an unusual painted bookshelf once the cooling elements have been safely removed. A gutted microwave could become a mailbox, or even a time capsule buried in the backyard for posterity.


Safely Disposing of Hazardous Materials

Some appliances should be handled with more care than others. Your electric dryer is perfectly safe, but an old refrigerator will need to be handled by experts, especially if it was manufactured before the year 2000. Refrigerants and other chemicals can be hazarous to handle or accidentally spill while you are upcycling or recycling your appliance.

In Bloomington, IN, only the recycling center on South Walnut accepts appliances that contain hazardous materials, including fridge and freezer recycling. Some big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart will also accept old fridges and freezers with the freon still inside. Eco-friendly junk haulers can also handle refrigerators and old HVAC units, and will take care of finding the right recycler after the item is off your property.

If you want to upcycle a hazardous appliance, you may be able to ask an appliance repair technician to fully remove the hazardous components, first. Do not try to DIY this in favor of your safety.


Professional Appliance Removal

If you don’t have the time or hauling capacity to take your appliance to the local recycling center, you can always hire a professional appliance removal service. Eco-friendly junk hauling can help you to get outdated appliances off your property with a clear conscience. Rather than leaving your appliance on the curb for bulk garbage, you can wave goodbye to the old hunk of metal, knowing that your local junk haulers will make sure the materials are properly recycled.

Junk haulers can also typically help you remove an appliance that is difficult to lift or relocate. With a team of friendly locals, your old washer or refrigerator will quickly be loaded into the back of the truck or trailer. You don’t even have to take it to the curb, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it will be handled with sustainability in mind. This is the great convenience of eco-friendly local appliance removal in Bloomington, IN.


Eco-Friendly Disposal Options

There are many different environmentally friendly disposal options. Appliance recycling programs and eco-conscious junk haulers can ensure that your appliance’s materials are recycled back into useful items, even if it’s a hunk of junk on your driveway today.

For more opportunities for sustainable choices in Bloomington, Indiana, check out the Sustainable Bloomington initiative, with tons of incentives and programs for eco-conscious local lifestyles.


Sustainably Remove Your Old Appliances with  Anthony’s Junk Hauling

Anthony’s Junk Hauling in Bloomington, Indiana is an eco-friendly junk removal service that you can count on. Not everyone has the time or the trucks necessary to recycle their old appliances, so we’re here to help. We’ll make sure your appliance is dealt with in an eco-friendly and responsible way so you don’t have to worry. Just give us a call, and you can wave goodbye to an unwanted appliance in no time.

If you’re worried, we will haul away appliances containing freon refrigerant and other hazardous materials, and will make sure they are disposed of properly.

Contact us by calling 812 345 5694 or fill out the online form for a quick estimate on the eco-friendly junk hauling services you need. Our team is always ready to provide professional assistance and free estimates.